So… I told you, ‘So.’

So I will begin this post with the word ‘so.’ So that you don’t forget the topic at hand, I will also use it in the next sentence. So now I will hopefully help you notice something that you may have so blissfully ignored. So click through so that we may do so.

So, it’s “another symptom that our communication and conversational lives are chopped up and discontinuous in actual fact, but that we try in several ways to sew them together — or ‘so’ them together, as it were — in order to create a continuous experience.”

So that is taken from the article ‘Follow My Logic? A Connective Word Takes the Lead,’ published in the NYT about 3 years, or so, ago.

So finally I will choose to end the post with the word ‘so’ so that I can say “So: I told you, So.”