Debian on the Lenovo ThinkPad A485

Here are some notes about getting Debian up and running on the ThinkPad A485.

Install these missing firmware packages:

apt-get install firmware-amd-graphics firmware-realtek

..or download them onto removable media from another computer:

With kernel 5.x the r8822be Wi-Fi driver kernel module is replaced by rtw_pci / rtw88 which needs missing firmware (Debian bug report):

wget -P /usr/lib/firmware/rtw88
modprobe -r rtw_pci
modprobe -r rtw88
modprobe rtw_pci

Bluetooth will choke when using Laptop Mode Tools due to runtime PM. Blacklist the ID of the USB Bluetooth controller by adding this line to /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/runtime-pm.conf: