WordPress post name permalinks via apache2 mod_rewrite

I got a 404 after changing my permalinks to use post names, and realized I forgot to enable mod_rewrite. Here’s how I fixed it (requires root access):

Enable the mod_rewrite module (assuming it exists – you may need to download a package):
# a2enmod rewrite
Reference: man a2enmod

Edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/sitename and replace
AllowOverride None
AllowOverride All
Reference: Apache Docs

Restart apache:
# apache2ctl restart
Reference: man apache2ctl

Groupon is teh suck

Nevermind the fact that I’m vegan and Groupon keeps sending me emails about Sizzling Steaks; I signed up for “things to do” coupons hoping to find some well, you know, activities that are discounted. Instead I get coupons for SHELL OIL COMPANY $5 FOR $10. 50% off killing the planet. Fair deal, right?

GRUB 2.0 submenus on Debian Jessie/Sid

I rebooted into a new kernel a few weeks ago and was greeted by a two-level menu that came with GRUB 2.0.

New in 2.00:
* Appearence: [sic]
* Menu is organised with submenus.

There is a bug requesting an option to disable this here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=690538

This change adds another layer to grub-reboot, with menus delimited by > characters. There is an explanation of this in the GRUB manual but the Ubuntu wiki has more complete examples.

So… I told you, ‘So.’

So I will begin this post with the word ‘so.’ So that you don’t forget the topic at hand, I will also use it in the next sentence. So now I will hopefully help you notice something that you may have so blissfully ignored. So click through so that we may do so.

So, it’s “another symptom that our communication and conversational lives are chopped up and discontinuous in actual fact, but that we try in several ways to sew them together — or ‘so’ them together, as it were — in order to create a continuous experience.”

So that is taken from the article ‘Follow My Logic? A Connective Word Takes the Lead,’ published in the NYT about 3 years, or so, ago.

So finally I will choose to end the post with the word ‘so’ so that I can say “So: I told you, So.”

Okular and high memory usage

I love Okular. It’s a great alternative to that bloated, buggy pile of proprietary garbage known as Adobe Acrobat Reader. But it has a big appetite.

According to this old bug report, it’s not going to get fixed any time soon. I put it on a diet by going to:

Settings->Configure Okular->Performance

and selecting ‘Low’ under ‘Memory Usage’. This reduced its resident memory footprint from >500MB to ~62MB!

Here’s a list of all open Okular bugs sorted newest first.